Coolest Projects 2019

At yesterdays session we spoke about the upcoming Coolest Projects International 2019 event which is being held in the RDS in Dublin on May 5th 2019. Have a look at the video below to see what its all about!

We’re encouraging our members to take part, whether you’re new to coding or an experienced ninja this is a great day out and a chance to see what other ninjas are doing around the world.

You can register here before 14 April 2019, if you are registering please register as part of CoderDojo Balbriggan @ Castleland Community Center

Projects can be anything, some examples from previous years are Rubics Cube Solving Robots, Minecraft Worlds, Scratch Stories, Maze Games, you can see more here also don’t worry if your project isn’t finished on the day that doesn’t matter, its all about taking part and learning something new!

Any questions feel free to reach out to us!

Christmas Activities

On December 22nd we’ll be using the below activities during the session.


Scratch Goes Skiing

Snowball Fight

Jazzy Jumpers Memory Game


Animate a Car Driving through a Snow Scene

Render your animation

Sonic Pi

Code the carol Twelve Days of Christmas


Create a beautiful landscape of snowflakes

We got all these ideas from the Blog Post over on the Coderdojo site here